Fun Things To Do In Lubbock

Well, good morning, good afternoon. And good evening. Whatever time it is in your day. Thanks for being here. I’m Andrew Baxter.

I’m Jaden Timmons.

And here we are again. Another video. Another day, another dollar. 

So today we’re going to be discussing, honestly, this one’s going to be pretty fun. I’m really pumped up. I’m jazzed up for this one. We’re talking about things to do in Lubbock, Texas. So we decided that we could just talk about some fun things that everyone could do. But why not break it up into categories and make it more specific? So we’ve divided up into four categories. We got College student, we’ve got young adult, maybe just graduated College. We’ve got married with kids and we’ve got older folks, maybe not super old.

But you know, however you define yourself, we don’t discriminate at all.

Hold on. Older people. If they want to go out to Broadway.

You can’t encourage this list is malleable. You can do other things on this list if you want. No one’s saying that if you’re 70, you can’t go to Broadway and party with College students. No one’s saying that.

I encourage it.

I encourage it too, but doesn’t happen often. No. So be the outlier and go do it. Ride lime scooters. I don’t know. So we’ll go ahead and get rolling with College students now because I just recently stepped out of College and I didn’t say graduate. I said stepped out. I feel I didn’t fail out. I stepped out.

He chose to nobility.

It was of my own personal volition, but I’m still graduating. I’m still gonna graduate, by the way, but I feel like I probably have some more saying this.

And I have a perfect team because I am a complete old person. When I’m not working. I am a hermit crab. I want to be in my house with my puppies and your wife and my wife and your new. Yeah.

Jaden has a baby on the way.

Everybody my first boy on the way.

He has a boy on the way.

I am aging quick.

So give Jaden a little round of applause wherever you’re at. Congrats Jaden. One of the main things to do is a call. Soon as go to Broadway. This is where a lot of the bars are. You got chimmeys, local Atomic Crickets beer house. That’s just off the top. I have bar. Pm. I’ve been there a couple of times. It’s fun. There’s a good time. It’s a really good College scene. Chimneys, I would say, especially is one of the most notable, well known. A lot of times when College students, parents come in town, it’s over.

Going to Chimneys quit.

I think that’s the quit essential, and it’s a restaurant as well. Excellent. Margaritis. That’s the Quintessential Lubbock. Texas Tech. I mean, I think that’s kind of the shotting light.

I would say so to the Quintessential Tech bar. So Broadway is a very fun thing to do. Another thing that is on your College. You’re going. I see Tech play, of course. Football games, basketball games. Tailgating tailgating is huge. Yeah, tailgating.

People turn it into a sport. You got people out there doing ribs at 05:00 a.m. Just for a tailgate. Yeah.

A lot of people smoke meats here, like our old friend, Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg.

Sm smoking meats. Can you clip that one in?

I am make meats now smoking these meats here or a little meat smoking it’s smoking.

Another fun activity that not a lot of people know about. And not a lot of people would do is go stars and stripes.

The drive in movie theater. So I think it’s cool. I mean, it’s kind of an old world 1950 thing, but you get to go. I mean, I don’t know where else going at that, but it’s a good time.

It is a lot of fun. You pull up, you get snacks and refreshments, popcorn, all that stuff. Bring a truck. I actually brought Jaden’s truck one time because I don’t have a truck. I drive a car because I’m a bit classier, but he has a truck, so he let me use it, pop some blankets in the bad and enjoyed a nice movie.

So sticking with the College kids. And this was a little bit of a cross over a lot of things people wear in West Texas. It’s desert.

We have Lakes.

We have one of them. Alan Henry, this is my personal favorite. It’s about 45 minutes away. It is a good sized Lake. You get out there, you get far away from the dock. You won’t see people.

You hop on that tube. You just roll.

If you say you don’t like tubing, you’re a liar.

You’re a freaking liar. And you should stop watching this video.

No, we made them a lot.

Just kidding.

Watch it. Lakes. We got Alan Henry, which is about 45 minutes away.

You want to stay a little bit closer, you just have an afternoon to get out there. We have Buffalo Springs Lake, which is just east 50th. I would say it’s 15 minutes.

20, 10, 15 20 from downtown Luboc.

So you just head right out 50th. You’ll run into Bulo Springs Lake, which also ties into Ransom Canyon Lake, which if you have a house up there, it’s a little bit more private, but Buffalos open to more people. But a lot of people don’t know. There are Lakes. You get your boat out, you wake, surf, you wake board. Yeah. Chill.

You onto like little big town says you come to town.

We’Ll figure out a boat and we’ll take you to and we’ll get you there.

So next. Also, I feel like I have some credibility here because I was in College. Now I am a young adult. That how you identify that identifies the young adult.

Me, too.

So a step up from Broadway in terms of going out is the Depot District. These are bars that are a bit more upscale. You’re going to get a wider variety of people there. It’s not just going to be strictly College kids. You’re going to get a lot more young people, too, even a bit of an older crowd. Also, another great thing is you got some wineries. Jaden is an avid wine drinker, so I think he’s going to take that one.

Absolutely. I’m not a wine drinker, but I love to go out and have a good time. A lot of these wine. It’s more my wife’s thing, which she’s pregnant now. So we haven’t been doing recently, but we’ve had some really good wineries open up. I’m not, but to go out there and try some wine, have some appetizers, take some friends out there’s. A lot of options. You have Yano, which is probably the biggest, most well known one. No, we have Berkeley Hill downtown that just opened up a really, really cool spot, really cool environment in downtown.

But for wineries, a lot of people don’t know West Texas. It seems dry. It’s just cotton fields. We have some wineries up.

He got some good grapes.

Yeah, we don’t know a good rate from a bad one.

But I just I work or. Yeah. I mean, I just know green and red.

And if you drink enough wine, all of it pretty good.

All of it’s gonna be good. Doesn’tmatter if seven do. Dude, what’s going on, man?

How now? Brown cow?

How now? Brown cow? The Human Torch received a bank loan. So another really fun thing is you got first Friday or Trail. We’ve discussed this in quite a lot of videos. That means the first Friday of every month. There’s this hodgepodge event where a bunch of artists come together. There’s a lot of food trucks. The artist showcase their art. There’s food trucks, there’s live music. It’s a great event for just people. It’s even a good networking thing at the time.

People go to this and Hodgepodge may not do it justice. It’s not a thrown together. It is. It’s very well done. You walk through art museums that are downtown. It’s right next to the new Buddy Holly Center downtown. So you have that awesome building in the background and then food trucks. You go in and out. There’s art for sale. There’s art that’s just being displayed. And then there’s artists out there doing art as people are walking through. So if you’re looking for something at the beginning of the month Friday, you want to take your significant other out on a date.

We do it all the time.

We do me and Jaden, we do not. We do it. Let them fool you. We’re in a relationship. Strictly platonic, but still a relationship.

I’m so happy.

Bailey at it.

It may not look like it from this floral shirt, but I am an outdoorsy guy.

You are a mountain. And if I’ve ever seen one.

I don’t give me too much credit.

Like a big old lumber Jack.

I love to hike. I love being outdoors. I take the pups with me. I love to get out mountain biking. So for that in Lovit, we’re not that far away from a couple of state parks. We have Caparo Canyons, which is about an hour and a half away right outside of Kitty Quay, Texas. Look it up. It’s spelled really were with a C. Yeah, Kitty Way, Texas has Caprock cans. It’s an awesome. It’s right off of the Cap rock. You’ll see the plateaus. The cool thing about this one is there’s live bison.

So until I ran into one on a trail, I never realized that a bison is the size of your car sometimes, which is kind of scary to stare down. So I ran. Naturally, you’re not into bison. You could head about 2 hours from Lubbock, just outside of Amarillo. We have Pale Duro Canyon. Cool fact about Palad Rican. It is the second largest in the US.

Behind the grand. Out a boy.

The grand can.

So it’s Grand Grand.

It’s not small by any means. There’s tons of trails. If you want to go out there, if you have a Jeep, you want to do some offroading. If you want to do some hiking, some mountain biking, some camping. There’s camp sites.

So the next category we’re gonna let Jaden lead off with because, like we stated, he’s about to be a dad.

Yeah, I am married and almost almost. Almost.


Okay. So married. You got some kiddos. You need to entertain those kiddos. They’re driving you crazy. What do we have available?

Non alcohol?

No. But honestly, what? Oddly enough for us, you get us alone, and I get to be a kid with Andrew. Adventure part adventure part. We did an office party here. It’s great for the kid. I was mini golf, ropes course, bumper cars.

Not just a ropes course. It’s like a scary huge rope. He’s really underselling. It’s a scary big ropes course.

But that’s an awesome outlet. We have a few others. Science Spectrum I know you’re a big fan of the science spectrum.

Yes, I am. I’m a big fan of any spectrum which I find myself on. A few of them.

People would agree.

People would agree. Most people would agree. And science spectrum is really cool. You got a lot of sign stuff there, so really just I’ve never been there, but I know that it’s a place in a lot of it’s a really cool place for kids to go in there and export.

It’s a lot of hands on little science experiments that they have there. It’s all donated through charity. It’s a really cool place. In the summer, they bring in animals. So camels and elephants. Kids go out there and do rides. It’s a really cool just learning type environment for the kiddos. And it is a younger kid thing. I think if it’s ten and under, that would be the age range for that. But if you got kids, you got to do it. Once it’s one of those items you do.

Another thing would be trapped. Which Jay and I have talked about doing an escape room. The escape rooms here are so much fun. You get locked in a room and you’ve got 60 minutes to an hour to just 60 minutes to an hour. 60 minutes or like an hour and a half to figure out how you’re going to get out. And it’s usually like a Detective sort of thing. Odd enough, though, think about going back.

If we had a time machine going to the 1100 and said, hey, for entertainment, they lock us in a rock in the room, but you get there and you forget it’s so much fun.

You get so wrapped up and they wrapped up in this one, and they usually have different themes. You usually get wrapped up in the theme.

So here’s a challenge. Any person who is moving to Lubbock give us a ring. We’ll do it us as a team, you and your spouse or whoever you choose, and we’ll race to get out of the same room. Yes, the fastest one doesn’t buy lunch.

Chances one does not buy lunch. But even if we lose, you still got to use us as your real estate agents. Win win for us. So another fantastic family event thing to do. And this kind of super sees all of the categories because really, anybody could go do. This is the range. This is one of my favorite spots in love. So it is a golf range. So you show up with your clubs, you get a bucket of balls, you get some beer, you get some drinks, pizza, and you just hit balls.

And it’s a lot of fun there’s people of all ages there just hanging out, little kids run around. There’s a little put green for them. And then if you need to work on your swing, which we all do, we all do.

Okay. So our last group is what I identify with most. I feel like I’m an old soul. I don’t want to get too crazy is the older folks. And what that is, it’s going to be a lot more chill my favorite. I like farmers markets. There’s two here, two, two, double. There’s two farmers market. You have LBIC farmers market. You have Wolfer. I live out in Wolfer. I’m parcel to the Wolf with farmers market. Luvox is done downtown, which is a really cool setting for it. Brick roads and they block it off.

You’re walking downtown, a lot of fresh vegetables. A lot of cool vendors out there. Wolfe is going to be similar as well. It’ll get a little bit more. It’ll range a little bit more from profession vegetables. You have cold people making jewelry out there. You have food trucks. But for a Saturday morning, me and my wife, it’s almost guaranteed. One week in a month.

We’Ll go out and hit them very vibe joint. And I’ve been with you all once. And there’s just a lot of stuff there. And it’s really kind of an interesting thing to see that is probably more of a hodgepodge of cultures. That’s where Hodge Podge comes in. Another really cool thing about Levick. That’s very unique. Obviously, we’re in West Texas. So one of our Premier animals that we have here, you could call them animals, or you could call them rodents. Is the Prairie dog, like a mascot, I think.

Yeah, it’s a bit more of a mascot, but we have a lot of these freaking things everywhere. We even have an entire city dedicated to them. It’s called Prairie Dog Town. There are tons of Prairie dogs that live here. It’s like a big field and just show up. And there’s a divider. And then in the field, just thousands of Prairie dogs running around. I think they’ve got a Mayor. They’ve got a whole infrastructure system. They’ve got a whole sewage system adopted.

They’ve adopted democracy.

They’re having elections. So it’s just a very, very cool thing. It’s an extremely unique thing about life.

It’s one of those things you wouldn’t be able to do anywhere.

Not finding it anywhere else.

Not that I’d seen.

Maybe Africa, where there’s a lot of animals everywhere. And that’s a long flight get long flight. Then another thing that’s really great is we’ve talked about Buddy Holly quite a bit. A trailblazer of rock and roll. There is the Buddy Holly Museum that showcases kind of his life. There’s a lot of his clothes as guitars. It’s a really interesting place historically. Even if you don’t care about history, you should go because you get to see the framework and the groundwork of Lube. They even have a model of his old house that he was raised in, which is crazy.

Then go from the Museum right on over to the new event center. The Buddy Holly Event Center brand Spankin new. We’ve also discussed this. You can go see all types of shows, from Orchestra, classical music to Kid Rock. Or Bill Marr is performing there soon.

I don’t know. The Kid rock it out.

He’ll be here. You will be here.

Kid Rock.

Come to Loic, baby.

Come on.

But comedians are coming in. Tom Sagura, and I think Bill Mars come in, and there’s just a lot of culture heading this direction.

It’ll be a good spot for luck to attract more major events. So I think it’s really going to open another door that Loic hasn’t seen in a while. Yes.

Another thing is the Cactus Theater. This is in the Depot District. A lot of many plays go on here. Performances as well. My aunt who lives here. She’s I’ve been on the older side, but I’m not going to call her old, but she fits in this category. She goes there often and see chefs. Yeah.

So, actually, I have a little sister. She told me to. She’s 1213. She sings at the Cactus so she can. Actually, I I know everyone says that about their family, but she can actually sing. She does it at the Cactus the year they put on a little concert. And then, like you said, it’s an older group that goes.

If it’s a good good time. Well, if that did not give you a list of things to do, gosh Dang it. I don’t know. What will I feel like that was extremely exhausted. We can’t. That was extremely exhaustive. If you don’t want to do anything, don’t do anything. In fact, sit into your couch and keep watching these videos here. You just don’t watch them in the car. Thanks. But, guys, thank you so much for watching. It is a pleasure. Jd and I have so much fun doing these videos.

Just inform you guys about the market. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the videos. We want y’all’s thoughts down below. If you have things that you want us to do, comment down below, things that you want to know. We’ve been going from things that we think should be discussed. But if you have ideas, please let us know in the comments section below. Also, like I say, every video like subscribe and hit that Bell. If you hit the Bell, that algorithm is just gonna get all juiced up.

It’s gonna love what’s going on. So please consider doing that. Thank you so much for sticking around and watching. I’ve been Andrew, I’ve been Jaden and we are your favorite Realtors, and we will see you very soon. Thank you. Goodbye. Boom.

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